Source list for all featured quotes on Dare to be Fabulous

How do you know if a quote is authentic? 

The majority of quotes shared and posted online, especially on social media, do not cite sources. Many of the quotes you see are incorrectly written, and some even cite the wrong person, but their accuracy isn’t questioned, and they continue to spread. At a time when disinformation is rampant, it becomes even more important to give credit where it’s due, and to spend time on factual sourcing.

To that end, I researched every quote that you see featured on this website, in the Dare to be Fabulous book, and in the Dare to be Fabulous Journal Notebook, to ensure that all the quotes are authentic and appropriately cited. Below is a list of the sources I found for each quote.

If you post or share a featured DTBF quote, please consider citing its source (below) alongside it, or provide a link to this page as reference.


Johanna McCloy
Dare to be Fabulous


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