* Editor Johanna McCloy 

Every person’s personality and circumstances are unique, but we can all relate to how it feels when we dare ourselves to cross a personal divide, enter unknown terrain, take a chance, shift perspective, face a fear, or stretch a little. Liberating ourselves from long-established routines, behaviors, expectations, or fears, can be very empowering and even provide a healthy dose of levity and laughter.

This is how we grow. This is how we find our own true north.

Dare to be Fabulous features candid personal stories of daring, joy, and empowerment from a wide range of women. The stories in the book were curated from the 50+ stories previously featured on this website. With only three exceptions, all of the stories were written specifically for Dare to be Fabulous.

Track the path to your own true north. The book also includes 27 personal action/writing/reflection prompts for you, the reader. 



Johanna McCloy grew up internationally, living in Spain, India, Japan, and Venezuela before getting her B.A. in Comparative Area Studies and Anthropology from Duke University. She is a published writer and editor, as well as an actor with starring and guest starring roles in theatre, television, and film. In addition to Dare to be Fabulous, Johanna edited her mother’s highly-rated CIA memoir, Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant by Lillian McCloy.

Read more about Johanna, link to samples of her published writing, and subscribe to posts on her new Substack site! Just launched.


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