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TruthAtlas magazine described itself this way: “TruthAtlas is dedicated to telling stories about the incredible possibilities of the human spirit in order to inspire each of us to dig deeper and help create a more just and peaceful world.”

“Johanna McCloy was a frequent contributor to Truth Atlas, and her articles were favorites among our readers.” –Michael Halter, Director of Development, Truth Atlas

Unfortunately, this beautiful magazine ceased publication in 2014. The articles below were reprinted with permission.

ta-brats_donnamusil_withkoreankids1973Unique Cultural Subgroup: Military Brats and Third Culture Kids
Johanna McCloy • Jun. 23, 2014 • Artists, Special Feature


Global Girl Media: Turning Trauma Into Purpose
Johanna McCloy • Jun. 3, 2014 • Communicators, Popular, Special Feature


Helping You Get Youth Outdoors
Johanna McCloy • Mar. 28, 2014 • helpers, Popular, Special Feature


Taking Green Architecture to New Levels
Johanna McCloy • Mar. 14, 2014 • Innovators, Special Feature


A Natural Food Innovator with a Heartful Purpose
Johanna McCloy • Feb. 20, 2014 • Innovators, Special Feature


Healing Touch Brings Relief to Cancer Patients
Johanna McCloy • Feb. 11, 2014 • helpers, Special Feature


Children’s Hospital Volunteer Lights Up Lives
Johanna McCloy • Jan. 27, 2014 • helpers, Special Feature

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