Awakening meditation

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So goes the saying on my coffee mug.

7:15am. I look out my kitchen window to the slowly lightening sky, with scattered cirrus clouds drifting ever so slowly to the south. Like a meditation, I watch them. Beautiful. Some drifting apart into whisps that keep stretching and evaporating into the soft white and now-emerging light blue sky.

I hear the birds singing. I see five – – – – –  darting together in the opposite direction as the drifting clouds. Darting as if on a mission. Places to go. Things to do. Start of the day.


Two birds come back into view, fliterring together, one up to the other’s down, ^ ∨ like a morning dance.

A tiny form farther in the distant sky. A plane ¯ , the size of a grain of sand, moving west to east.

Movement. Dawn.


I invite you to take 20 minutes, first thing after you awaken in the morning, for a calming and connecting meditation, quietly observing the sky and the natural elements around you.

Today, I chose to play music to accompany my vibrational connection with the dawn of a new day. Calming, instrumental music works well. “Spa Lounge” on Spotify is a lovely playlist option. Get it started. Use your earbuds or head phones, or play it on your stereo.

If you’re using a phone or your computer to play music, put it in Airplane or Do not Disturb mode. Mute other devices and place them where you can’t see them.

Don’t do ANYTHING but observe the sky and the way it changes. Watch the clouds, the birds, the shifting light. Be still. Don’t talk to anyone. Try to do this solo, without anyone around.

See how you feel after 20 minutes.

You could do this once a week maybe. A Saturday or Sunday morning would work wonderfully.

I highly recommend it.

~ Johanna

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