RESET your summer with this DTBF story and prompt

As we enter August, and I prepare for my own backpacking excursion in the High Sierra, I thought I’d share this excerpted personal story from Ilse Noir in Dare to be Fabulous. It concludes with a perfect DTBF prompt for all of you to consider during the hot summer weather.

Ilse’s personal story is titled, “How Does a Flower Dare to Bloom?” (Stretch the images below to enlarge and read, or download and read.)

Quote and first page of the essay How does a Flower Dare to Bloom?

pg 2 and 3 of the essay How does a Flower Dare to Bloom?

And here is the DTBF prompt that follows her story. A perfect action prompt for the month of August:

PROMPT after the essay How does a Flower Dare to Bloom?

One note: please be extra safe if you’re planning to dip into a California river. The currents are cold and moving fast due to last winter’s heavy snowfall.

There’s a lot more where that came from (and at a reduced price)

Dare to be Fabulous features 27 personal stories about all kinds of daring experiences. A prompt follows each one. Story topics include cycling solo across Italy, getting sober, swimming topless, canceling a wedding, quitting a corporate job to volunteer in Africa, “playing the cancer card,” driving with great fear across New York City, and more. (You can peruse all the story titles, authors, and topics here.)

You can get Dare to be Fabulous in Kindle or paperback from Amazon or order the paperback from your favorite indie bookstore. Also, as a fun writing companion, consider getting the Dare to be Fabulous Journal Notebook.

Today’s prompt gives new meaning to “go jump in a lake!” Yes. Jump in! I dare you.

– Johanna

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