The book is LIVE!

Dare to be Fabulous is now LIVE and available on Amazon!

Dare to be Fabulous is now available to purchase in Kindle and paperback on Amazon. If you select the paperback option, you can also click above the cover image to “look inside.” You’ll be able to read through my Introduction and the beginning of the first story in the book. (The paperback will be available from independent bookstores and retailers at a later date.)

An early reader likens this book to a delicious assortment of tapas. I love that analogy. The book features 27 short and personal stories, averaging two to four pages in length, so you can choose to read as many as you like at one sitting. Each story is followed by a writing and reflection prompt, so you might also choose to read one story at a time as a daily meditation.

A companion Dare to be Fabulous Journal Notebook

This vibrant and glossy hardback publication will also be available to purchase on Amazon very soon. It features 50+ humorous and inspiring women’s quotes and serves as an optional companion for the personal writing and reflection prompts in the book. The two publications together make a beautiful set.

Note: A list of sources for all featured Dare to be Fabulous quotes (in the book, the journal, and the website) is posted on a dedicated page of the website. As I note on that page: “At a time when disinformation is rampant, it becomes even more important to give credit where it’s due, and to spend time on factual sourcing.”

Daring to be fabulous

A big celebratory cheer for the women who contributed a personal story to this book. They dared to be fabulous in more ways than one: first, in the very experiences they recount here, and second, by writing about those experiences and sharing them with all of you in this book.

May their stories (and the personal prompts) embolden you on the path to finding your own true north.


Dare to be Fabulous

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