A NOVEL IDEA by Kristin McCloy

In this personal story, Kristin McCloy shares how caring for animals feels as novel (if not more) as writing a book . . .

EXCERPT: “When I’m writing I often ask my small charges to help me channel the genie, and so often they will curl up around me (on the arm of a couch, on the floor at my feet, nearby on a windowsill) and fall into the trance-like sleep I so envy, creating an atmosphere of deep serenity into which my mind can drop.”


Kristin McCloy is a thrice-published author (Velocity, Some Girls, and Hollywood Savage), working on her fourth, and fifth, and a book of short stories, and living in Oakland with the cat who owns her, Zelly, and the family who took them in.  

Read her personal story, and many more, in the book, Dare to be Fabulous
Available from Amazon or independent bookstores 
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