A SHY TV ANCHOR by Wendy Tokuda

Wendy Tokuda

Wendy Tokuda shares her personal story about overcoming extreme shyness to become a successful TV news anchor . . .

EXCERPT: “What I do remember is slowly starting my own little assertiveness training program, forcing myself to be more out there. Looking back, this took some serious willpower.”


Wendy Tokuda was a San Francisco Bay Area television staple for more than 30 years, as both TV news anchor and feature reporter. She retired from broadcast journalism in 2016.

Read her personal story, and many more, in the book, Dare to be Fabulous
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Dan Schear
Dan Schear
1 year ago

Wonderful read Wendy! Sincerely, your favorite videotape editor, the never-ever shy Dan “the UFO” Schear – Hudspeth County Texas aka: “The Mile High Desert in The Middle of Nowhere” February 14, 2022 (and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!)