“WE CAN READ!” by Anna Elkins

Photo by Carl Attard from Pexels

Anna Elkins shares her personal story about an “aha” moment, and the power of giving thanks as an antidote to negative thoughts . . .

EXCERPT: “When I practice the gratitude exercise, the annoyance dissolves. I discovered something I’m sure someone else has already discovered: that you can’t be grateful and annoyed (or angry, or anxious) at the same time. You have to let one of them go.”


Anna Elkins is a poet and painter. She earned a B.A. in Art and English and an M.F.A. and Fulbright Fellowship in poetry. Her poetry collection Hope of Stones won the 2021 Oregon Book Award. Anna has written, painted, and taught on six continents and now lives in a tiny town near the Rogue River with her husband.

Read her personal story, and many more, in the book, Dare to be Fabulous
Available from Amazon or independent bookstores 
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