Reader reviews of Dare to be Fabulous

Despite being a writer and editing my own book, Dare to be Fabulous, I am sometimes at a loss when it comes to marketing the book and finding the best way to succinctly describe it. Looking at posted reader reviews on Amazon’s book page this morning, I thought, “well there you go!”  They describe the book beautifully.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few excerpts with you:

Straight from the soul is this book of stories from big-hearted women willing to talk about their inside scoops be they affirmative, revealing, embarrassing, uplifting – the gamut .  . . Dare to be Fabulous reminds us that we can in fact be fabulous – that we are already fabulous – that we are a credit to ourselves and our thousands of sisters.

Amen! We’re flawed and unique and lovely and beautiful. One and all.

Another excerpt:

. . . after reading the first few stories, I was captivated! It’s an easy book to binge which is why I love the “prompts” provided at the end of each story . . . . I couldn’t help but identify with many aspects of these fabulous women’s stories, probably because they are all SO relatable while also being extraordinary in their own way. Which is the essence of this compilation: a powerful reminder to recognize how each of us uses our unique strengths to overcome a fear, face a personal divide, or make a choice to rise above and stay the course.

That’s precisely the idea! When we recognize ourselves in others’ experiences, even (or particularly) when those others seem really “different” than us, it helps us to feel empowered and connected. We become 1) more compassionate with ourselves, 2) more willing to dare, and 3) more inspired to follow the path  to our own true north.

That’s why the prompts are there. To help you on that path.

One more excerpt:

Covering a slew of topics from marriage to addiction recovery to lip balm, from mountain climbing to cancer, the book revels in the intimate minutiae & the wide sweep of women who are trying to be their best, most authentic selves. It’s both a beach read & a profound exploration of the human condition. A real pleasure!

This warms my heart. Your words are better than any marketing text I’ve come up with!

There’s nothing quite as impactful as readers spreading the word to other readers. If you enjoyed Dare to be Fabulous and would like to chime in with your own book rating and feedback, you can do so by clicking “Write a customer review” on the left column of the page.

¡Muchas gracias!


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