Spring yourself!

I’m taking the metaphor of spring to heart. With my mother entering hospice and passing away in late January, winter was a time of deepening my spiritual practice, connecting with Source, and relishing in the vitality of the present. I tuned into my instincts and asked the Universe for flow.

Ten days after my mother died, I contacted a staff reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle with a link to my homage, thinking, you never know, her life story might be of interest. I told no one. He called me the next day and we spoke for nearly two hours. He loved her story and his feature article about my mother appeared on the front page of the obituary section in that Sunday’s paper, fully above the fold with a striking photo of her from 1959.

While I continued to focus on her by tending to her estate, I heard from all kinds of people who read that article. Sales of her memoir, Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant, surged. And a door opened; an invitation to speak about my mother at an upcoming private “soirée” in San Francisco. Would I be interested in giving a 45-minute talk about my mother to a group of about 50 people?

I remain ensconced in my mother’s story, three-plus months after her passing. It’s been fun starting to put the talk together (it’s in June). My correspondence with the host of the soirée has also been filled with serendipitous connections and more opened doors. Would I like to give the talk for another private soirée at another location and time, as well? Why yes, I would.

I’ll admit to feeling a little nervous about giving this kind of talk, because it’s new for me, but nerves can also be excitement. And you know what? It’s SPRING. I’m doing my best to continue tuning into my instincts while opening to what comes, even, or particularly, if it scares me a little. I think of it as pressing “Reset” on the tired old ways I see myself, and letting the Universe reveal what’s possible.

During the past year, whenever I was with my mother, I practiced a ritual meditation exercise to connect with source and hone in on the precious now, now, now. When I was purely present, I wasn’t living in my head with those circling thought patterns of anticipation, fear, expectation, or judgement. I could step away from those pre-conceived notions and allow for entirely new possibilities, which absolutely happened. I was receptive and positive when I otherwise might’ve been blocked. New and unexpected solutions appeared in the midst of crisis.

There’s nothing like the very pleasant PRESENT and all the truly magical potential it contains, stripped of our pre-existing notions. Connecting with Source and saying yes to intriguing new possibilities (or invitations) is one way of letting things flow. It challenges us to grow, really. And to flower.

Another way to flower, or “spring yourself”? Dare to be Fabulous. The book features 27 personal prompts: one after each of the personal stories. The prompts cover all aspects of life. They help you reflect, connect, and take action.

As added incentive, Bordertown Publishing is featuring a special “Spring Yourself With a Book” Sale through Mother’s Day, May 14.

Here’s a short video promo:

In other news, Boomer Magazine recently featured a wonderful review of Dare to be Fabulous.

The review concludes:

In “Dare to Be Fabulous,” these 27 essays by fabulous women, with complementary quotes and prompts, are sure to help any woman, of any age, get in touch with her authentic fabulous self. Dare to be fabulous you!

I’ll add that the book is sure to help any man, as well. The theme is truly universal: dare to be honest with yourself; dare to be kind to yourself; dare to step away from a debilitating personal fear and try something new; dare to believe in yourself; dare to stretch up to the sky!

It’s spring. The seeds are planted, and the peat moss, smelly as it is, has provided richness for the soil, which has now been thoroughly watered.

Guess what? It’s time to flower.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

~ Johanna

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