MRS. SPOOK by Lillian McCloy

Lillian McCloy

Lillian McCloy shares a personal story about assisting her husband, an undercover CIA officer, by trailing a suspected Russian spy . . .

EXCERPT: “I was to wear a black wig (which I borrowed from a friend ‘for a costume party’) and an ankle-length brown coat. I would also carry a large black umbrella, which I would use like a walking stick.”


Lillian McCloy was the wife of a deep undercover CIA officer during the Cold War. This story is an excerpt from her popular memoir, Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant.

Read her personal story, and many more, in the book, Dare to be Fabulous
Available from Amazon or independent bookstores 
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Karen Rushfield
Karen Rushfield
7 years ago

I immediately ordered Lillian’s book. Can’t wait to read about Lillian and Frank’s always-interesting life. We love knowing the McCloy family and sharing soooo many wonderful times with them. Johanna, how can I get in touch with Lillian?

Ellen Fagan
Ellen Fagan
7 years ago

“I realized I was looking at the puddle of Frank’s upheaval and his mustache was in it. I quickly picked up the mustache and slapped it on Frank’s ashen upper lip, but it wouldn’t stick.” ~ Lillian is one wise, hilarious bad-ass & I cannot wait to read her full memoir! This story is so compelling & intense; I am honored to know some of the principals. Great, great piece. Brava!!